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‘Untitled’ – Live durational drawing and installation

This was a durational live drawing created for the Umbrella Arts show ‘Catalyst’ at Tactile Bosch Studios in Cardiff, Wales.

The piece lasted for about a week. The piece followed a daily structure of filming people in an urban environment, collecting news clippings from the day and detritus then bring them to the gallery in the evening. News clippings of the day were posted to the walls and floor of the space,. Video made during that day was projected onto the walls and drawings were made following the movements of the people and vehicles. Small micro-performances were also created in the space using found objects and paint. The result was left as an installation.


Drawing London

Moving through london final drawing

London sketch moving through the city

This is a piece from college days in 1999. The idea started out from a trip to London where I took a particular journey and took pictures as I went. I then developed these pictures in black and white by hand and collaged them into some kind of loose timeline. I then used this as a reference along with my memory of the journey to sketch a panoramic drawing. The initial lines were rapid and energetic as I recalled the energy and pace of the city. I then worked over these lines with black paint to bring some kind of cohesion to the chaos of lines.